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Thread: Wii Cover templates

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    Talking Wii Cover templates V6 | New:Disc template

    Here is the most complete Wii case cover template if you want to make your own, also include a template for a dvd wallet that can hold 2 disc per cover art.

    New Sample V6

    Sample Disc



    Sample of my game wallet

    New Templates V6 get it here
    Both template in the file are in blank so you can make your own.
    The images here are samples you have to download the template package for real resolutions and size.
    Both template are 300dpi and 3240 x 2175 / 538 x 750 respectively.

    Now including layers for:
    All controllers option (balanced board, wiimote(1,2,3,4), nunchuck, wii wheel and classic controller)
    Back/front ESRB badges (Entertainment Software Rating Board logos)
    Front PEGI badges (Pan European Game Information logos)
    Game Publisher logos
    Editable UPC space

    Search for Wii games UPC# for the back(if you're that serious designing a cover)here
    info: the upc in the cover template is 0, so you can add your own

    Be grateful give Thanks !!!
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    the double cover art template is for that dvd wallet because it holds two dvds per cover insert. that way I can easly fit two different games and be properly identify !!!

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    That's pretty cool, but is there a bigger file? 640x429 seems pretty small, and the text would come out blurry. Anyways, thanks!! I've been wanting to give WiiSports it's own case.

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    those are samples !! you have to download the file on the bottom,
    the files are :
    300dpi resolution and 3240 x 2175 in dimension / the other is 300 dpi and 538 x 750.

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    if someone want to I can add to the cover case template additional layers to include:
    ESRB rates for both sides (T=teen, M=mature, ect...)
    Wii controller options (classic,board,wiimote,nunchuck)

    Just let me know.

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    This is cool!
    What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
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    if someone find this post useful give thanks...

    you're welcome bumper44 !!

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    This is great! Any chance you could do UK ratings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seejay01462 View Post
    This is great! Any chance you could do UK ratings?
    You mean like this one

    or even this one BBFC ratings

    Pegi rates or BBFC rates or both ?????

    let me know I would be glad the add them !
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    The Pegi rates are the ones please. Thanks a lot reaven.

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