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Thread: Bitten the bullet now what?

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    Bitten the bullet now what?

    Ok after a day on this site and reading the pros and cons of the TH and chips I have ordered myself a wiikey 2 with clip which should arrive by thursday hopefully.

    My question to ask now is, can I just copy my games that I have and use them? will I just be able to use PAL? no big deal really but I don't want to mess up the wii

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    Well a backup of a PAL game won't brick your Wii, assuming that the original didn't.....

    But seriously.....

    Yeah you should be able to play PAL games, but just don't accept any updates from PAL games.

    Good choice on the wiikey2!

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    you can play any game from any region, but out of region have lower rates of working, if u use geckoOS you can 100% boot anything, if you block the update, and keep informed in theory you shouldnt have a issue, just remember TH is a small boost for a modchip but isnt 100% needed

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    Sorry for this question but what is TH?


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    twilight hack...

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    twilight hack...

    Cheers For That!!!!!


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    Well what I will do is wait for it to come (it still hasn't arrived) then I will install it, after that if I run in to any problems I will check it out, for example I have read about wiibrick blocker and patches and geckoOS. Just when I thought I was getting there with the downgrade.

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    ok sounds good


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