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Thread: Noegama and custom .DOL

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    Noegama and custom .DOL


    Just wondering how to load a custom .DOL for a game on NeoGama.
    This is what I did:
    Added to .dol to app\neogama on my SD card.
    Selected options on Neogama
    Selected "storage" for custom .dol
    .dos was renamed to the file NeoGama keeps asking for "RZTEO1.dol"

    However, it never finds the file.

    Is there any other alternative to do this?
    Like "recompile the ISO and replace the main with the custom one?

    This has been a pain to search on the forum, and I haven't been able to find any specific instructions on loading a custom .dol, other than selecting a different one within the same disc.

    If anyone can provide some advise on this matter I would appreciate it...


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    If you are trying to load a game that needs the alt dol method, then LOOK HERE


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