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Thread: unmodded wii black screen on powerup

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    Unhappy unmodded wii black screen on powerup unmodded wii on powerup flashes the screen on the TV momentarily then stays black with no video or sound. The disc light flashes once. The power light stays green, but i have to hold it to turn the wii off. I can power on the wii with the wiimote but not power it off. I tried savemefrii with GC controller and it showed version 4.2(U) in the lower right hand corner of the screen. I rented Metroid other M and put it in and it updated to 4.3(U) when I do savemiifrii. How do I get my menu and sound back? Some things that I googled made it look like my bluetooth module could be bad but, others said that since I could turn the wii on with thr wiimote, then it wasn't the bluetooth. Is it salvageable without sending it back to Nintendo.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I moved your thread to a more appropriate section.

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    Hi, to me appened a similar thing... but i never tryed to power on with wiiremote...

    In fact bluetooth module was detached due a bad falling down...


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