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Thread: Black Screen of Death?

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    Black Screen of Death?

    I was normally playing the new super mario bross wii (just 0.37gb?), and after level 1-2 (10 mins?) the game stopped, said that i needed to eject the cd and turn off the console

    played galaxy to know if it was that i did something wrong during the softhack, but ive been playing quite a while (up till you get yoshi, like 1 hour into the game)

    so i returned to the NSMB, and level 1-2 went fine, but it crashed again on 1-3

    any ideas?

    using a sandisk cruzier 16gb USB drive (seen in the wiki that it works) with the game installed from a rented original DVD

    the screen in the following:

    thanks in advance, going to play smash bros brawl now...

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    Why would you make a second thread on this? I closed your thread here? If you own these games legally then create another copy of them and try again. Do not create another post!
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