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Thread: Which Snap in Chip to use to play back up games

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    Which Snap in Chip to use to play back up games

    Wowee I must have read around 100 threads today my head is aching how hard can it be to get an easy plug in chip

    Can someone please tell me in layman terms which is the best chip to get in order to play back up games. I have been looking at this Wiikey + wii-clip bundle, pre soldered 19.99 - free triwing 360upgrades - Wiikey + wii-clip bundle, pre soldered 19.99 [Wiikey + wii-clip bundle] - 19.99 :, mods-modchips-repairs its a wiikey and says it plays back up games
    Will this work or will nintendo update knock it out? Obviously I don't want to buy it if it does.

    So far I have heard of wiikey,wiikey2,D2C Pro 31,D2E,D2C, The reason I am looking at the wiikey is that its pre soldered and it just slots into the mother board apparently. any advice would be greatly received as always.

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    The modchip you need depends on your wii's dvd chipset since there are several different versions. You enter your wii's serial number at Wii Drive Chip Database and check what dvd chipset (probably) is in your wii, or you can open him up yourself and check the chipset.

    By the way i think you shouldh've posted this in the mod chip forum part, but ok

    Forum post how to disassemble your wii:

    With that knowledge you can choose a modchip, for example if you have a relatively new wii the wiikey you pointed out won't work.

    Forum post with mod chip chart:

    Good Luck.

    PS: D2PRO, Wasabi, D2Sun and other modchips are also available in a presoldered version.
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