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Thread: CIOScorp + HBC = Nonfunctional Wiimote

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    CIOScorp + HBC = Nonfunctional Wiimote

    So I've begun creating disc backups of my games, and I decided that I wanted to run them without a loader. I therefore installed CIOScorp v3.5 on my 4.1U Wii and went about playing games through this method. Only after installing this did I discover that any HBC app opened would loose all wiimote support (as in, I would load an app and the wiimote would unsync and be unable to resync). It's a real pain, as I love the HBC and all of its functionalities. Because CIOScorp is cIOS-based, is it just a cIOS that was installed that messes with homebrew?
    NOTE: I have a WAD Manager Channel installed (v1.3) so wad files are accepted.

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    cIOSCORP probably patched an IOS that homebrew uses. HBC won't run on a patched ios.

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    Cioscorp is now called Darkcorp. A new darcorp 1.1 install will solve this.


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