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Thread: Wii Downgrades

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    Wii Downgrades

    Hey all! I have my wii on 4.2 with homebrew and usb loader. Just tried doing a drive for my friend but like a soft sod they updated there wii the night before i went round. I see there is certain methods of downgrading but as this has not been soft modded before could someone give me a good clear guide?

    Would be much appreciated please guys!

    And before anyone asks yes they are now on 4.3
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    Searching usually helps

    Oh and before you ask, YES you need one of the games to do it.
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    Cheers for the replies guys! So is it just indiana jones game that can do it then or is there others?

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    All of the options are listed in the guide. Region specific options.

    [SPOILER="Look Here - Click Me"]
    Indiana Jones Original Adventures(ntsc-u/pal) -4.3u/e
    Super Smash Bros Brawl(ntsc-u/j) -4.3u/j
    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's -4.3u/e/j
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    o.k Krank! Don't mean to be a pest but i don't suppose anyone has figured a way of playing scrubbed wbfs file on usb loader gx yet have they? I got about 230 games now and my 500gb drive is full. Are they still just using this as a faster way of downloading or will someone one day figure out how to use it to save hdd space?

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    You are confused. A game is scrubbed when ripped to a WBFS drive. Or when ripped to a FAT32 drive it becomes a .wbfs file. So the answer is yes you can play scrubbed games, but they should be installed from the original disc. We do not support piracy here. Read the forum rules.
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