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Thread: games freezing after start up

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    games freezing after start up

    I recently tried to soft mod my 4.1u Wii. Using the guide here, everything seem to be going swimmingly until I actually tried playing a burned disc using Neogamma. It loaded up fine, went through a few menus, but each and every time it will freeze up after 3 minutes or so. I've tried a few games so I don't believe its a bad burn. Whats worse is I made a back up nand and now my Wii won't even read the sd cards altogether. I tried to download the tool to format (from the guide by dogeggs) but it won't download. Not sure if its because I own a Mac or if the file is just not there anymore. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Sidenote: some months ago I successfully soft modded my nephews 4.2 Wii without a hitch, So i'm not helpless just don't know what do next with this one.

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    I moved this to a more appropriate section. Your Wii is not bricked.

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    If its not bricked then it is fixable. But if I can't get the sd cards to read, how do I do anything.

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    Have you tried another SD card????

    and you can load stuff via a fat32 formated HDD through USB

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    yes I have tried another sd card (sandisk 2gb), The first card worked, then didn't after the games started freezing and I tried to restore my nand and with the bootmii folder an such. I believe my bootmii was installed as an ios, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. So i ran out to the store an bought another sd card but the Wii simply won't recognize it. As far as the HDD drive I wouldn't even know where to begin. I have a Mac and had trouble the first time round with getting a compatible manager and everything. But if you have any suggestions, I could have a go at it if it may be my only alternative.


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