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Thread: How to install/use wad manager?

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    How to install/use wad manager?

    I'm currently struggling with wiikey fusion and a problem about getting a black screen. I've read some threads and understood that I now have to install a proper IOS for my game. I found a good thread about using NUSD, but

    how do I get the wad-file to my Wii?

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    With the use of WAD Manager.
    Just start teh application via the Homebrew Channel, and install the IOS.

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    What is the Homebrew Channel and how do I install it? The instructions what I found seemed very difficult.


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    Follow this guide by mauifrog.
    It doesn't install the Homebrew Channel, but still makes you able to update your IOSes as hardmod user.

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    Is it possible to update IOS or system (to 4.1) with a dvd? Can I update from the game disc, when I keep getting a black screen even with an aunthentic game (GH: Metallica)?

    I have 2 SD-cards, 4gb and 2gb mini-sd with an adapter, but Wii doesn't seem to recognize any of them. And the sd-card reader which came with the wiikey fusion only reads WBFS as far as I know, so I can't get IOS and wadmanager files there..

    Please help, I'm so frustrated. I just want to play GH

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    Updating via a game is not recommended (I do not know which firmware GH: Metallica contains, if it's 4.1 then it will not cause any harm).

    It would be possible with the use of a USB device and a back-up disc...but I do not know if there is a guide for that, and explaining it here is not done in 2 seconds...

    GH: Metallica contains 3.1. Installing this update will not cause any trouble.
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    So how is it done via game?

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    Insert the game, and it will ask if you want to update.

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    Hahah. So that's why it doesn't ask because we have 3.1E already. We just restored the wii system to factory defaults, but I can't understand why the real game won't work. NBA Live 08 works fine, but GH: Metallica gives the black screen. If we just take the modchip out, should it work?

    Thanks for your help, TBA.

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    I do not know if that will fix your issue. I don't recommend to take your modchip out, 'cause there is only chance of damaging something inside your Wii.

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