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Thread: Wii Bricked

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    Wii Bricked

    Great ! i just Bricked my Wii by Using one of the Guides here (4.2U) i used the Correct Guide , and followed everything Correctly but now when i Press the Power Button it Goes Yellow Green then Red again ,, i Bought a New MotherBoard and Installed it by Myself now my Wii is Virgin and Running only Original Games :/

    what to do now :?

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    That was not a brick. :l

    No brick automatically turns off the Wii. If your Wii would be fully bricked, there is no software whatsoever to turn the Wii off, so it was a hardware issue.

    Well, follow mauifrog's softmod guide (ANY Wii) and you should be able to play back-us again.

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    Yeah , the Shop told me this , i just changed my Motherboard by Myself cause some Shops they Just Fix my MotherBoard for the Price of a new Board eh , and Okay ill follow that guide . btw

    can i use a Nokia SD Card with SD card Adapter >? its 128 MB , i broked my 2 GB SD Card (found the SD card on the ground and it was working)

    Can i use it ?

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    Well, a Nokia SD Card would work, but 128 MB is not enough to softmod your Wii.

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    So how much Space i need?

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    i can use the 8GB SD Card of my Camera?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KAKA2081 View Post
    So how much Space i need?
    At least 550MB.

    Quote Originally Posted by KAKA2081 View Post
    i can use the 8GB SD Card of my Camera?
    Please use the edit function next time.
    If the firmware is 4.0 or greater, then yes.
    If the firmware is 3.4 or lower, then no.
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    Softmodding now =)


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