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Thread: Noob needing help with downgrade

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    Question Noob needing help with downgrade


    Iv just bought a Wii for my girlfriend and iv been reading over this forum for a wile and looking at some homebrew...

    My Wii is on 3.3

    from what i understand. I need a copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess before i can do anything?

    so once i get a copy of the game do i need to install the twilight hack to be able to downgrade to 3.2 then install the custom firmware?

    or do i do it like this...

    Install twilight hack with zelda <-> Install Homebrew Channel <-> Downgrade to 3.2 <-> install custom firmware?

    iv also been looking at the backup loader.. seems a good idear seeing as i will be having lots of people of for crimbo and i dont want to get the disks scratched.

    do i have to be on the custom firmware to be able to use the backup loader?


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    custom firmware isnt that different, or anything you can consider really custom

    you need BETA 1 to use twilight hack
    get homebrew channel
    you have to use a program like anyregion changer to force firmware down but this isnt really 100% needed
    then you install wad manager
    get Cios 37 and install it

    as to the backup loader, its really not, its a poorly working program, that has many game half work, or not at all, and caused nintendo to attack the homebrew scene nonstop for bonus help read this


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