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Thread: New Netflix channel

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    New Netflix channel

    I use the netflix disc to watch stuff on my wii, but recently there is a new update that allows to access the site without the disc.
    The directions are to download it from the shop channel. I tried to access the shop channel, but it is asking for an update, is this safe??
    I'm running 4.1U with homebrew, wiiflow, and neogamma.
    If its not recommended, then no worries, I can do without it.

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    No, it is not recommended to update this way. Narse1979 has made an amazing post where you can find the lastest versions of all channels and IOSes. I suggest you to look around in that article.

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    There are guides for both of you issues:

    look here:

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    There is also and excellent guide by Krank for updating to the new shopping channel
    follow the guide and pull the new Netflix channel from there.


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