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    Ok ive just softmodded a 4.2e and was just wondering if just by playing games can i brick my wii? Im only asking because a couple of years ago i had a hardmodded wii and it got bricked because of a game, it updated some CUSS on the wii and i couldnt play anything after that, i had to use some Mario game to unbrick it.

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    That sounds like you've updated with an out-of-region game, which leaded to a semi-brick.
    If you would play an out-of-region game again, and take an update, the same thing will happen.

    However, games are only IOS depended. In no way do you need a specific firmware to play a game.
    You can easily update the needed IOS yourself, so that the game will not ask you to update your firmware.

    Another must-have application for this situation is Priiloader. This application can block disc updates and online updates, which prevents your Wii from accidental updating.
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    Yeah i think thats what happened it was a US game that i put into the wii and it semi bricked :-/ So its best just to stick to PAL games? Can i just install priiloader and all will be fine?

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    No, you do not have to stick to PAL games. As I said, you need to update the IOS the game uses, not the whole firmware of your Wii. I linked to a guide of ShadowSonic2 which helps you to do that. Priiloader only prevents the Wii from accidental updating.

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    If you load your games from a loader like neogamma, all you have to do is force the video options in the loader to play out of region games. Also, loaders block disc updates so you don't have to worry about having your semi-brick happen again. I would still install priiloader like they suggested above because it's a great program for update blocking and brick/recovery protection.


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