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Thread: This is no normal brick

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    Exclamation This is no normal brick

    I need some help i theme bricked my wii coz im so stupid i used a 3.2 csm on my wii a 3.4e
    well i thought ill just use priiloader or bootmii (both of which i have) so i downlaoded my system menu files from here and tried installing them through wad manager but i can install the IOs fine its the system menu that says ret=0 error this system menu is not
    appropriate for your version (or something like that) before i did all this when i went to my system menu it went to a black screen now (from priiloader) it says cant find system menu files
    btw i am not connected to the internet or i would've used dop-mii

    So thanks in advance

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    dopmii works offline, just download the wads.

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    seems to me like it uninstalled your system menu
    1 if you can go to priiloader boot to the homebrew channel or install hbc_forwader.dol then click installed file
    2 go to mmm if you have it
    3 press down till you get to manage system menu
    4 install the menu (4.1 or 4.2) and be paitent and DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR WII
    5 once finished it will redirect you to the hbc
    6 exit hbc and it should be fixed
    (note you have preloader on your wii not priiloader,priiloader is only for version 4.1x and only get themes for your own region)

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    i already fixed it
    heres my other thread
    thanks anywayz


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