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Thread: Blank screen after priloader

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    Blank screen after priloader

    I followed the softmod any wii guide and got as far as the priloader and installing the usb loader file. Upon reboot i get the blank screen with sd inserted. Without it i get the error couldnt open file reboot wii.

    Not sure where it got fubared.

    i tried holding reset while booting, blank screen

    sorry for some reason edit wont work, i removed the sd card and now i get into priiloader
    so how should i proceed?????
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    Do part#2 and #3 over.

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    i reinstalled homebrew channel and bootmii. i then followed the guide from the top starting with the 2 wad installs. made the nand backup and turned off and then on and get blank screen with sd inserted. with sd out the wii boots to the normal menu and priiloader still works.

    how can i get the wii to boot with the sd inserted? obviously without it i cannot load the usb loader


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