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Thread: No Kirby for Europe or Australia until 2011

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    No Kirby for Europe or Australia until 2011

    With his rotund shape and waddling gait, we would never consider Kirby to be a particularly hasty creature -- still, we never would have expected his latest adventure, Kirby's Epic Yarn, to take months to reach European and Australian territories. Nintendo Australia recently confirmed that the title, released earlier this month in the U.S. and Japan, would see 2011 launch in PAL regions. (Online retailer Play suggests that it'll only arrive in March.)

    In the months between, a dedicated European fan could probably recreate the game using actual yarn. Hey, why hasn't anyone done that yet? Get crafty, you guys.
    Source- IGN

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    Lol, what's the deal? First M:OM was released in the US before Japan, and now this! Sure am glad I live in the USA!
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    all i can say is thank god for softmod and NTSC game rips! people like me in the uk are always getting the unfair deal when it comes to games i was honistly going to buy this one too!

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    I can't explain Europe but maybe Nintendo is still mad and punishing Australia for New Super Mario Bros..
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