Sony may not have expected a huge Day One for PlayStation Move, but it seems to have done OK for itself during Month One: The company just announced that the motion controller has shipped 1 million units in the Americas since it launched on Sept. 17. SCEA boss Jack Tretton told MSNBC he expects demand to exceed supply until next February, saying "We had to go back and increase production twice, we're absolutely maxed out right now."

While the number's certainly impressive, it's perhaps tempered a bit when you consider that (1) the Move sold 500,000 more units in Europe (where the PlayStation brand is admittedly stronger) in roughly the same amount of time and (2) today's announcement doesn't equate to a million Move-equipped households in the Americas. Many have likely picked up two or more Moves, making it difficult to say just how large the install base is for future Move games at the moment.

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Source- Joystiq