I tried to clarify a request on a previous post and if this gets me banned or rr then so be it because I require help.
I have a R4I gold.cn card and require an update the suggested wood does not work and would like to know if there is one available as have now hit a dead end with newer games.

The petulance I referred to in the previous post was warranted but if Mod wants to


This forum ain't the place for it, let's leave it elsewhere. This friendly reminder is addressed to two folks who've had their posts moderated in this thread (and as a not-so-subtle hint)."

me again then by all means, but please remember this time a lot of people come to this site for answers and that means they do not know, not that they are stupid and that they do not require childish answers. As far as contradicting a wii hacks staff member goes the suggested update DID NOT work and therefore further suggestions were requested.

If the answer is that this particular card is out and stop trying then please someone just say so. Given the quoted response I don't suppose I will be able to log on to find out but at 36 I know the difference between not the place for it and a legitimate request for real information.

That last bit was indead snide and I apologise but will leave it in.