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Thread: Wiikey2 + Wiiclip 2.... Game instructions

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    Wiikey2 + Wiiclip 2.... Game instructions

    1. I have a NTSC console with WK2 + WC2 installed working properly. On the chip spec it says capable to read NTSC/PAL discs. What are the steps to be followed in order to play a PAL version backup? if software or a process is required... please feel free to write.

    2. What if a backup disc (PAL) asks for a System Update? Also, what if a same NTSC asks for a System Update? What is recommended.

    3. Is there a way to cancel System update option on the Wii?


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    1. you just put it in xD

    2 since you have NTSC/U you must use NTSC/U *provided it is a united states wii if not then /J* if you get PAL you can get a brick or worse

    3. Yes

    many modchips block it Wiikey2 is one of them its part of the latest chip update
    you can also use programs like brick blocker


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