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Thread: homebrew not recognizing usb loader or back up launcher

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    homebrew not recognizing usb loader or back up launcher

    hi everyone,

    yeah i put neogamma on the sd card but i dont see it in homebrew i might of put it on the sd wrong or i might need to install something to get my homebrew to recognize it

    who ever reads this thank you for your time

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    Your SD Card must look like this in order to make it work with the Homebrew Channel: SD:\apps\NeoGamma\boot.dol
    The SD Card also has to be formatted as FAT32. It should see NeoGamma now.

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    If you would have posted an intro in the intro thread, someone would have greeted you with the most important information. But take a look HERE regardless...

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    thank you for the link of so if i format my sd to fat32, what about my priloader and hack mii will that be deleted off the homebrew channel

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    Have you followed one of our guides to properly softmod your Wii? If not I recommend doing so. If you have, Go back and read your guide again, your priiloader/hackmii questions are addressed in our guides. If you leave the hackmii installer on your SD, it will run each time upon selecting SD from the Wii menu.

    The guide should have instructed you to place Neogamma in your apps folder if it wasn't there from the original DL pack.
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