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Thread: Dont know what to do; wiiflow

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    Dont know what to do; wiiflow


    Im desperate to use wiiflow or any usbloader for that matter. But i cannot get it to work.
    wiiflow keeps on the screen that i must connect a hdd to my wii (yes its in port 0).

    I followed tons of guides but i cant get it to work please help!

    im using 4.2E and softmodded with mauifrogs guide.

    could someone perhaps help me with teamviewer to prepare my hdd,

    also if wiiflow is on very long after a while it will say wbfs init with an error sign!

    Greetz tanab

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    You made sure that your HDD is compatible, via the compatibility list?

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    Yes and its stated that it is. 500gb Lacie external hdd design by fa porsche

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    The only fault I see with the list that some units are not thoroughly described, as it does say a Lacie 500GB is compatible, but who knows what models, or all for that matter. But anyways, you try to use CFG loader?

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    Is your hdd drive formatted to wbfs using a wbfs manager. I use usb loader gx and cfg loader. And only have few problems with certain backup games. but that list is small. And I use a 360 g WD passport it seems to work better than some of the other hdd.

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    Did you follow the usb loading guide in my sig?

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    Yes i used wbfs manager 3.0
    i suspect thats enough? i just formatted with the build in function en copied the games in the gui

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    I still can't find the edit button

    Quote Originally Posted by junkmail View Post
    Did you follow the usb loading guide in my sig?
    Yes i did but at a certain point i get confused

    5a. Choose to assign a letter to your new drive partition
    5b. Choose NOT TO FORMAT when you create your new partition. Chose the size of the partition; make sure and leave space for the FAT32 partition, and also if you want to create an NTFS partition for files >4GB. Use 2.5GB per Wii game to estimate current and future needs. WBFS Manager has a 500 file limit so no more than 500 games despite available space.
    5c. Make your new partition PRIMARY and ACTIVE

    these options dont work for me prolly cuz i got windows 7??
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    If you dont care leaving a sd card in all the time to run your loader or homebrew just format it all to wbfs and it should be fine and follow the guides closely. They will get you where you need to go and if all fails ask.

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