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    Hi every one !!

    im a noob at wii's and seem to be having some trouble and I really need help !!

    ta tom

    (just Bricked my wii using preloader and cant get into system menu )

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    This post is possibly the most unhelpful brick post I have ever seen.

    You need to post A LOT more information if you expect to get any help.

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    If you bricked with Preloader you have a full brick and will need boot2 Bootmii installed to restore without a programmer.

    Yes, and you really should list more info when seeking help. Based on the info you provided this is all the help we can offer you.
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    thank you! I know my original post was vauge, but I was just saying Hi

    My wii is/was on 3.4E and was working fine till my friend copied his stuff onto my SD he said I needed preloader.
    I started to install it and I went out the room whe I came back and picked up the wii mote, I obviously pressed something,
    and now it boots straight into preloader. and when I boot into sysmenu I get a black screen saying that the systen menu file is corrupted !!!!
    I didnt Back up my Nand ?!?!?! I take it that I have killed it,
    I only have today to try to fix it, as my girlfriend is off work for the next week and I dont really want to tell her that I got
    the kids a brick for christmas .
    what more info would you like ?

    thank you streamlinehd & bad_ad84

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    Ok, still booting into priiloader is a good sign.

    You need this guide:

    This is EXACTLY your problem.

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    Thank you very much !!!!!
    Cant believe that you revived the brick
    I OWE YOU A BEER or 3!



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