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Thread: Have I bricked my wii or semi bricked?

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    Have I bricked my wii or semi bricked?

    Hi guys I dont know whether i have brick or semi brick my wii. When I power on my wiii nothing loads up but when i hold reset button it boots to priiloader menu from where I can go to the system menu where i find all this channels ( HBC, uloader, neogamma, shopping channel and everything). When I remove my SD and power on my wii it boots normally. Currently I am running 4.1E version. As I did not carry out the softmod myself I dont know anything. The only thing I did was downloaded wii sports resort game burn using imgburn ob DVD-R and inserted the disk it came with i need to carry out an update which i did. Right now when I insert my game disk I can see the sports resort logo in the disc channel but when i try to run the game it says me there is an error and I need to eject the disk and power off the wii and refer to the manual (which i dont Any help would be grateful.

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    Doesn't sound like a brick to me,
    whats on the sd card when you put it in your PC
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    The only thing I did was downloaded wii sports resort game burn using imgburn ob DVD-R
    Pirate huh?

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    Hi thanks a lot for replying and helping me. I have attach image of my sd card.
    I did manage to run the game wii sport resort using neogamma and was able to watch video without freezing or anything but cud not play the game as i did not have motion plus.
    Just wanted to know if u guys can help me. How am I supposed to run the games from usb flash memory i have formatted it to wfsb and put the wii resort on it but i cant open using usb but i can on dvd... Sorry to be pain but i am completely newbiee to this.

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    According to me, the only thing which could start on your SD card at boot is bootmii. Just rename the folder (bootmii2 for example) and see what happens. If you can boot normally, your folder is probably corrupted (or your bootmii setup, I do not really know).

    There is a lot of thread about wii sport resort:
    How to play a backup
    error 002
    Wii sport resort won't load in disk or GX loader
    Please have a look at them if you did not, and the others you can find by tipping that in your friend Google.
    Come back here if it does not help.

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    You downloaded Wii Sports Resort, and the rules clearly say that WiiHacks does not support piracy.

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    @ dudush

    Hi mate thanks for the information u gave me i did as u have tld me rename the bootmii folder to bootmii2 and ye the console starter properly. I did manage to run the wii sports resort using the link u gave me it worked fine but i cud nt play the game becoz i dont have the motion sensor or motion plus i dont know wat its however i was able to play wii sports from backup...

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    OK, now It's time for you to read the rules.

    2. Piracy and cheating is neither condoned nor supported by WiiHacks. WiiHacks resources and activities support the precepts of “fair use” of the games purchased by our members.

    a) Asking for or providing information, assistance, sources for, or direct provision of pirated materials, theft, or other illegal activities violate site rules.
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    c) To assist our members in making backup copies of their legally purchased games, members are allowed to identify and provide links to sites that list or track sources of game ISOs. Links to open source material are allowed.
    d) WiiHacks does not provide support for game cheating or cheat codes. Do not request or provide cheat codes or assistance in game cheating.

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