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Thread: Call of duty WaW lagging a lot

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    Us Call of duty WaW lagging a lot

    I burned COD 5 and I've only been playing it online. At the start it was fine, but up until yesterday it's been lagging a lot . I burned copies for my two friends and it works for them just fine.

    Also, if one of my friends invites me to a game, they lag and if I invite them, I lag.

    Any ideas? I have a Nintendo USB Wi-Fi connector and I think that could be the problem. I burned 2 copies and the both lag.

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    yesturday there was a lot of issues with AC online i assume that is why i got to level 20 in waw online without any lag, i would get higher but the nonstop loading makes me worried i wont get to play tatsunoko vs capcom the main reason for my modded wii xD

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    I run a Linksys 54 G router on a T1 connection and I never lag, you know unless I'm playing with someone online who has DSL,and is downloading two Wii games. *cough Admiral cough*, but other then that I run fine.

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    -,_-, it still worked!

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    Nevermind guys, I was seeding a bunch of torrents :P


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