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Thread: ES-Identify error

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    ES-Identify error

    i finally thought i got it all working, put all my .wad games on my HDD nand/install
    ran uloader, waited till it was finished. cool all my games showed up, everything looked fine, but when i tried to load them i get ES_identify error every game. every setting.
    anyone know of a fix? idk how to check what versions of whatever i have. so telling me to make sure i have 5.1 blah blah isnt going to help.
    everything i have on my wii i got from guides on this site with in the last week, so i should have everything i need

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    look at my uloader guide the two bottom spoilers....

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    i got it working finally. i just updated cios to 5.1. didnt realize the link i used to get it was old.


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