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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy 2

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    I've had trouble with this game ever since I bought it. Most of the time the disc channel don't even read the disc. Ever once in a while after we return to the system menu from playing Smackdown vs Raw 2010 on uloader, Super Mario Galaxy 2 will load into the disc channel. I'm on menu 4.2, with updated homebrew channel. I searched the list of ioses that games use & found that it required ios56 v 5406. When I checked my ioses using dop-mii I found that I'm using ios56 v 5661. When I try to load it into uloader and ultimate usb loader I get error ret = -2. Do I need to downgrade ios56 or is there something else I need to do? I don't know what other info would help decide the problem. Thanks in advance.

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    You'd think we'd have a guide on this game or something (that's a hint).


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