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Thread: dvd indentity failed

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    dvd indentity failed

    can some one please help i have installed hbc and and the latest neogamma channel r9
    i have installed numerous ios`s and now it keeps comming up with dvd identity failed
    i have dun a nand backup and every time i try truncha bug fix it keeps saying error

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    you expect us to read your mind?
    what is numerous ios? did you install any cios?
    what does neogamma say in the lower right corner?
    why do you run trcha fix?
    did you ever run through a wiihacks softmod guide? find the recommended guides section or use the softmod any wii guide linked below.
    how old is your wii? new ones can't play backup discs.

    Track down the Wii's serial No. (sticker on the console's back) and just find it out!

    If you got a DVD drive with one of the newer D3-v2 or D4 chips you won't be able to play any burned dvd (game or movie), only retail Wii and GC games will run on your console (all recently bought Wiis will have one of those chips).
    You got one? Go for a softmodding USB loading route.

    good luck

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