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Thread: old guy, newbie question.Please be gracious.

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    old guy, newbie question.Please be gracious.

    I have not hacked games since the original IBM PC.Yea I'm old. I would love to play mario games with the wii fit balance board. Does such a thing exist? Can it be done? Please help if you can.

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    Not that I've ever heard unless the game is made for that. Only one that might be an exeption is wario smooth moves. (Don't know if it uses the board or not. Never played it.)

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    Nah, Wario Ware is strictly wiimote.

    And if you haven't played it.. Play it. You are missing out.

    You can't play games that aren't made for the balance board with it unless you are a master programmer or the game was originally made for it.

    Otherwise I am sure everybody would be playing call of duty reflex with the classic controller.
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    zender faust, you could find the listing of Wii games with balance board compatible in Wiki-enc......
    have fun with the console

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    You could try:

    Mario & Sonic at olympic winter games. I believe it supports balance board, if i correctly recall


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