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Thread: Trapped on Wii menu 3.4 !!!!!!!

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    Unhappy Trapped on Wii menu 3.4 !!!!!!!

    Guys im stuck on wii menu 3.4 plus i don't got homebrew installed!, is there any possible way to downgrade my wii without any homebrew or is it possible to get a beta twilight hack for me to use? I can't wait any longer!!! its painful!!! please someone help!!!

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    nope your SOL atm

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    new twilight hack is out for 3.4..checkout news section

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    Yep the new twilight hack is out. But now that nintendo can update without our permission, they could potentially destroy homebrew.

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    but you can downgrade your 3.4 to 3.2 and they aren't allowed to update you.

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