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Thread: WiiFlow as channel in my wii menu

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    WiiFlow as channel in my wii menu

    Hi all.

    I have succesfully softmodded my wii with the afwesome guide "Softmod Any Wii"
    Now i would like to go and use wiiflow its really awesome. I have it on my SD but i want wiiflow as a channel like you see in all youtube videos.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction how to do that?


    Oh yeah and what is the deference between wiiflow ios222 and wiiflow ios 249?
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    Hi You really need to look at this thread here >
    It has all the files neccasary for wiiflow

    You need to think of what channel you need
    Forwarder (best option) - You need to keep files on SD card but a channel will be on the system menu for you to click. This is the best option to go because when wiiflow updates all wiiflow files can be updated on your sd caard without the need to uninstall anything

    Full Channel - All files are inside the channel there is no need for the sd card. When updating you must also uninstall channel and look for a full channel that someone has made. This takes up more system memory than a forwarder channel and they do not get updated as often.

    Wiiflow ios222 vs ios249

    To put it simply, whatever version of wiiflow you get i.e 249
    Wiiflow will default to loading games with that cios
    If a game requires other cios you need to change that option in the wiiflow game menu

    If the majority of your games run on 249 then use that one
    If the majority of your games run on any other cios use that version.

    Hope I explained everthing correctly for you and you understand.
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