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Thread: GC Wind Waker and Ocarina Multipack Backup Problem

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    GC Wind Waker and Ocarina Multipack Backup Problem

    Dear Friends!

    Let me introduce my system :
    Wii System Menu 4.3U by Wanikiko
    cIOSx rev.19 on IOS36
    cMIOS wiigator v4
    Neogamma rev9 b47

    When i try to load Zelda Wind Waker or Zelda Ocarina of Time (the one with Master Quest) with Neogamma, after the CG backup launcher screen, a black screen with two dark stripes in the center of the screen apperars and the game doesn't load. These games has been burned on the same dvd using MultiISO to merge their ISO.

    ISO files are Ok, i've tryed them with dolphin and they works!

    Is there any special configuration i'm missing ? Is it something wrong mwith my system ? Can be the multiiso solution the reason of my problem ?

    Help me guys!
    Thanks in advance!!
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    Multi disks can be finicky. Also, if you have a new wii, you will not be able to play burned discs.
    Wii 4.1U - cIOS38 rev17 - 500gbHDD - Wiiflow 2.1 - uLoader 5.1 - Wimc 1.0.9 - Priiloader 0.5 - boot2 - gamecube launcher 2.0 - cMIOS rev3

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    we ask all first time posters to post a little introduction in the introduction section and you will get a reply with lots of useful links

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