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Thread: wow im dumb

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    wow im dumb

    Alright I am new here and new to the Wii console and I am also and idiot. Namely because I got a new Wii, and wanted to get a chip and a clear case with leds; So I got them and guess what, neither worked! It was a wii key with a D2Pro 9 chip with a presoldered clip. The clip was a D2pro V4C (for d2pro 9) but my system is a LU587... so maybe I got the wrong one?? Well nothing I could do to troubleshoot it so I was pissed.

    I figured I could at least troubleshoot the leds by plugging the led cable into my XBOX 360 that has leds and wow.... i heard a little arc... and thats why i am an idiot... the clear case showed me exaclty what went wrong... fired the mother board. I guess I forgot to undo the power cable that goes to the mother boeard so the XBOX voltage backfed into the motherboard of the wii.

    I KNOW. STOP SHAKING YOUR HEAD. I AM for doing all that any way

    so what do you guys think my next course of action should be???

    Anway a few pics of my mess up to entertain you

    Buy a new premodded Wii is my solution.... quick and I can't mess that up... or can I?
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    i really have no coment

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    really, really dumb lol.
    better get a new wii i think (couldn't see ur pics yet since they're not approved.)

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    what are you gonna do about your burnt wii?
    if only mobo is burnt, you can still use the drive and other stuff.. no?

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    Partner with a guy with a dead drive (more likely) and between the two of you, you guys have 1 whole wii.


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