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Thread: iospatcher and wiiscrubber

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    iospatcher and wiiscrubber

    Trying to get ios for disney sing it pop hits using iospatcher and then using wiiscrubber. I get the ios number from patcher but when loading iso with wiiscrubber not geting the sys line to see ios wads. Is there a setting i used wrong with usbloader gx when loading iso to drive. Or is there some other reason. Im not aware Or there a better way also usbloader select alt dol gives me black screen when game gets foze on mic load screen. any help would be grate ful. Tried on some other games and sys line shows up and others not.

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    A usb loader uses it's own IOS (like 249 or 222) to boot games, so there is no need to find the IOS the game uses with iospatcher. Do not patch or scrub the game if you are using a usb loader. Once you install the game to a USb HDD, the usb loader will not read the update partition, you are safe in terms of never seeing a disc update with a usb loader. If the game still don't load with the default IOS the usb loader uses, the go into the settings for that particular game and change the IOS used to boot the game. For Disney Sing It, set the game to boot with IOS223 (that would be installed from Hermes cIOS installer v4, as 37 merged with 38). You should set all games, that use a microphone, to boot with IOS223, except for a few new games, which need Hermes v5.1 IOS224 (57 base), so far I know of 2 newer games that needed it that way, grease and def jam rapstar. Oh, USB Loader GX don't use IOS224, so get a different loader if you ever need to use that IOS. CFG would be a good choice - HERE.

    Install Hermes v4 HERE
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    Thanks I got pop hits working with CFG. Buthave some other issue but researching them Thanks again.


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