Developer- C4TurD4Y
File Size- 0.07Mb
Latest Version- 0.2

So here is my first PSP homebrew, Sepulka. Sepulka is Selective Plugin Loader, plugin, that loads other plugins only in a particular case. Just like Pergame, but my plugin reads game id and game title (great for noobs) from param.sfo, not from ram. Different is format of plugins list too.
Currently Sepulka supports:

* Blacklisting (just add ~ sign before parameter)
* Recognizing of mode (Iso - all backups; umd - all umd games and pbp - for MS games)
* Recognizing of game id and title
* Comments (line must start by #)
* Custom modules lists (isoname_plugins.txt for isos and plugins.txt for eboots in the same directory)

Things to do:

* Add possibility to define custom macros

Note- It may not work correctly on UMD Required mode, so please, change it onto "M33 Driver" or "Sony NP9660".

Source- QJ