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Thread: Since GH6 the GH5 DLC doesn't download anymore

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    Since GH6 the GH5 DLC doesn't download anymore

    I have a pretty weird problem. I had Guitar Hero 5 perfectly cracked where I could download all of the DLC with no problems. I was also able to use Guitar Hero 6 to download all of the previously-cracked DLC tickets. However, I paid for and downloaded the new Soundgarden album as DLC for GH6, and now I can't download anything from previous generations -- not even in the GH5 disc itself! Every time, I get the store error 204036. I am still able to download GH6 DLC content (I am able to re-download the Soundgarden stuff I purchased).

    I had to update my shop channel from v19 to v20 to purchase more Wii points to work with GH6. I did this with the NUS downloader.

    In attempt to fix this, I re-applied all of the DLC crack wads and I tried different versions of IOS56 with no luck.

    I tried reverting the shop channel back to v19. I've tried all sorts of different combinations and even re-hacking my 4.2U system.

    No luck on anything. Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks :-)

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    After working on it for 3 days, I got it figured out and of course feel real dumb now. I needed to install the three patches for IOS37 and IOS56. After using Dop-Mii to do that, all is well again.

    Either delete this thread due to my stupidity or keep it here in case someone else runs into this simple problem, LOL :-)

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    We'll keep it, just in case someone else can benefit from it. Glad you got it sorted, thread closed.


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