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Thread: RUMOR: PS3 Master Firmware Keys Leaked to Jailbreak Team

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    RUMOR: PS3 Master Firmware Keys Leaked to Jailbreak Team

    Apparently, someone who had access to the certain keys for the PS3 firmware is in contact with PS Jailbreak team. When i meant someone, it has the possibilities of someone who have worked for Sony or had left the company for several obvious reasons. Well, if that someone has an access to the master key, then the PS Jailbreak team is really going to owned Sony this time. In fact, the Japanese corporation almost have no chance to fight back the PS3 Jailbreak scene.
    source - Rumor: Sony PS3 Firmware Master Key Leaked? - Dukio


    pwn'd forever, lol

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    If true, +100 to that (and may consoles fly-all-the-more off the shelves, lol). This from a non-PS3 owner, me.


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