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Thread: Deleted IOS61, now HBC won't run. I suck.

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    Deleted IOS61, now HBC won't run. I suck.

    Long and short of it. I was trying to install a channel for WiiMC today, and it requires IOS58 to run. Every time I tried to run the installer, it would say that IOS61 was running so I couldn't run it. Using syscheck, I could see that IOS58 was installed, so stupid me, I figured, I'd delete IOS61 and now HBC won't even start.

    My wii us a softmodded 4.3E so I'm thinking my best bet would be to try using the IndyPwns exploit all over again, but since I've established that I'm a dumbass, maybe I should ask first.

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    try uninstalling then reinstalling the homebrew channel like you said,
    that should make it run under ios58 (since you said it's already installed) and fix your problems
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    As the above user said, delete Homebrew Channel via Data Management then reinstall using the same exploit you used to install it (bannerbomb, smash stack, etc)

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    Yep, that did it. Sweet, got WiiMC working and now I'm onto WiiFlow. Thank you, gents.


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