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Thread: BootMii and Priiloader

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    BootMii and Priiloader

    Hello Guys,

    I've been searching for a couple of days but I'm really lost.
    I currently have BootMii installed as boot2, so every time the Wii boots up it shows the BootMii menu.

    I think It's good to have Priiloader so I can remove the update from disk.
    I buy original games and some of them are asking for an update, like "the other M"...
    So I need to have the hack so the Wii won't accept updates from original disks.

    I'm just wondering if this is going to remove bootmii, or not.
    Is the Wii going to start on bootmii or something else?
    I'm just no sure how they work together

    I would appreciate your help on this matter.

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    They work fine together.

    You can change how long the Bootmii menu stays up with Bootmii Configuration Editor (thanks to unrealtron for pointing that out). I suggest setting AUTOBOOT to System Menu, and BOOTDELAY to 1.
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    all you have to do is rename the bootmii folder
    and the wii won't boot to the bootmii menu anymore upon startup
    bootmii will still be there, just won't show up on startup (unless you rename the folder back to bootmii)
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    or you can see my bootmii configuration thread
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    Hello Dude's...

    Just to thank you for all the advise provided.
    I ended following up a guide on this site for that's on the "approved guides"
    Basically I followed all the steps after the part adding the homebrew channel and bootmii that I already have.
    So, it was a very smooth process and flawless.
    This is an amazing guide.
    When I first moded my Wii, I followed a guide on a different community, even tough it worked, it seemed that some of the stuff didn't go right.
    After following all the steps, my Wii is perfect.
    I couldn't be happier.
    I got priiloader and bootmii working correctly.

    Actually this reply is only to say thanks.
    This is a wonderful community and you guys are great!!!


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