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Thread: Printable DVDs (cause problems?)

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    Printable DVDs (cause problems?)

    Looking for advice on printable DVDs. I would like to have the dvd image on the DVD. Is it worth the time/effort? Do the printable DVDs weigh more and cause playback issues?
    looking for advice before I invest time and money

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    never used printable, but lightscribe media. even if it is not a verbatim -R that worked for me, no guarantee that it works on your wii, drives are different and pickie.
    you can at least try, buy a small stack and see if your wii can read them (-R dvds).

    but really not worth the whole action, invest in a nice usb harddrive (have a look on fat32 loading guide linked below).
    watch a wiiflow video on youtube, after that you don't want to print something.. get one of the best coverflow loaders around.
    wiiflow or cfg usbloader


    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks


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