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Thread: difficulty rating

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    difficulty rating

    i've just posted this but it's disapeared for some reason or i didn't do it right lol. Basically guys all i was asking is on a rating of 1 to 10 how difficult is it to soft mod my 3.1 version wii so that i can play game from my external hd. the guys round my area are charging 50 to do it and whack 100's of games on my hd but i'm a tight arse and if i could do it myself with bricking it i'd give it a go unless there is anyone in the Blackurn area that would do it for free lol, also would anyone be willing to guide me through the whole process via msn?



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    Dificulty is a matter of opinion and taking into account any other variables that might apply to the situation.
    Best to read a guide and see for yourself.
    Do not use our site to advertise wanting to hire someone to do something for you or what is available to you outside of here.
    We have strict rules for piracy and advertising and you should be familiar with our rules before posting.
    This site is a resource for help when searching or using our guides, not a place for these other things.


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