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Thread: good cd/dvd printer?

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    good cd/dvd printer?

    I want something that is a high quality CD/DVD printer that is somewhat cheap, and I'll probably be using Verbatim DVD-R printables or whatever you call them. I'll be printing covers also, so some kind of combo printer would be nice!


    Edit: Well I found that the Epson Stylus Photo R280 Color Ink-jet is a good printer.
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    I used to have the Epson R300. I was a prety good printer, until the heads got clogged and then no amount of cleaning would make it work properly.

    I then bought a Canon Pixma IP 4500. It's much better. The ink is cheaper too. I get cartridges at 37p ($0.55) whereas they are 1.40 ($2.09) for the Epson. You can also use a continious ink system for the Canon, like the Epson. The Canon has the same sort of disk printing system. The head is removable for cleaning. The quality is the best in the world for pictures, it has a true lab quality 9600dpi, the Epson was something like 5760dpi. It prints higher quality on the disks too.

    The disk printing software is just as good, you can drag an image to the desktop icon to print it.

    It's faster than the Epson, and it is full duplex too, meaning you can print both sides of the paper without having to tough anything. It has 2 paper trays, one in the back and one under the front.

    In short after being a great Epson fan for the last 10 years, I would say I will stick to Canon now until something better comes along.
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    Thumbs up pixma 4500

    i would have to agree the pixma 4500 is an excellent printer and the included software makes it easy to print the dvd's and I use nero cover design for the case covers.

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    PIXMA MP780 is a good one.
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    NEW EPSON R280 COLOR PHOTO PRINTER WITH CISS INK SYSTEM - eBay (item 250349217114 end time Jan-27-09 19:04:28 PST)

    I have had mine for a week and it is awesome. The ink tanks are huge I have printed like 30 highest setting photo covers and the ink has dropped like an eighth of an inch in the tanks. The printed dvds look great as well and I really like the software that comes with it for the disc labels. The guy will take an $80 best offer.

    I will not go back to cartridges again!!!


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    I use the epson R285 the softwear is inc and is real good you can buy the inks in singles and the printer costs about 60.00 it also prints lab quality photos to


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