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Thread: Disable Wii Disc Check Boot Up?

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    Question Disable Wii Disc Check Boot Up?

    I load all my backups of an external hard drive, so I never use the DVD Rom anymore.

    Just out of curiosity, and paranoia. Is there anyway to disable the initial disc check the wii performs when you first turn it on. (laser moves left to right)

    I'd rather not wear the components out unnecessarily if i'm not using them.

    (plus it's kind of annoying)

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    Nope; a electrically functional DVD drive is required for the softmod (whether it reads or not; it has to be "seen" by the system).

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    I don't think it causes any harm to be honest. I just makes 2 little buzzes (one way and back I guess) for me. I don't think it actually wears out much as it's moving less then when you would be playing games using the DVD drive (it would spin constantly and laser would be moving back and forth all the time)
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