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    Wii Channels

    So, I'm currently on 4.2 and I was wondering if theres a way to get certain channels from the wii shop channel (such as the new netflix streaming channel which eliminates need to put in the disc) without having to update. Also is there a way to delete channels that you have installed without going to the wii shop channel because I want to get rid of some channels I downloaded like the photography channel and the news channel.

    Thanks much.

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    You will have to updat your shop channel to be able to use it. In my sig click on "latest ios and channels as wads". Download the shop channel wad. It will give you the new ios and the shop channel wads. Instal with wad manager, do the ios first. Then you will be able to use the shop channel.

    Or you can follow Kranks guide here if what I just said seems confusing.
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