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    mplayer ce

    I am having a problem playing a movie from a usb flash drive. I have Mplayer ce 76 installed, although Im not sure if the update from the previous build is the issue. I previously worked and then started hanging for long periods of time and now it wont load any but it will play if I put the same movie file, avi, on a dvd disk.

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    Try wii MC, thats what I use w/o issue and I think users agree it is better than mplayer CE.

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    You can get the latest version of Mplayer CE from HERE. Also, in that link is another link to install Hermes v5 IOS202, I recommend that IOS202 because it speeds up the buffering process you see when trying to play a movie.

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    Thanks Stomp_442, when I added the 202 it started working again.

    And thanks stmcmurray76 for your response. I can have two different player correct? I will try the MC if I can find the program.

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    Stomp_442 has thread about WiiMC and it explains all the things you need to get it working.


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