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Thread: Can't access wii shop channel, can't update system menu/fw

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    Unhappy Can't access wii shop channel, can't update system menu/fw

    Hi guys,

    i'm quite new in wii soft modding. In the past, i've followed few hacking guidelines to run backup disc... and it was generally successful, from 4.1 then 4.2

    And the recent one, with system menu 4,2u, i've forgotten which one i've followed, but basically with homebrew, dvdx and bootmii. That's what i have in the SD card.

    My problem is, i wanted to access the wii shop channel to re-download some of my VC games but the wii shop asked me to update my system. Since i'm on 4,2U now, i assume it wants me to update to 4.3. When i tried to do a system update, i can't update anymore. I keep getting error code 43002. Searched on the net, 43002 seems to be the internet connection, but i don't have problem with internet connection. Firstly, I can surf net through the same wifi router. Secondly, i can use the Wii weather and wii news channel to download weather forecasts and news respectively. Thirdly, when adding new connection and doing system update, Wii will do a connection test first, and it says "successful".

    This makes me to think that is was caused by my soft modding

    ... and i have removed the homebrew channel and dvdx channel... and i did a system format does that mean i bricked my wii?

    i guess i can still play original disc....

    Any help i would appreciate much.... how can i undo the mod? or factory default? ... or is there a way i can use wii shop again?

    Please help, thanks.

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    your very last question: yes.
    Wii Shop without updates

    could have avoided all that trouble hehe
    maybe you want to resoftmod (any wii guide is good for that, linked below).

    you are not bricked until your wii doesn't turn on anymore or you cant access wiisettingsmenu for example.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    Part of your softmodding probably involved priiloader. That stops you from accidentally updating your wii, be glad of that. You can check to see if priiloader is installed by holding(keep it pressed until a menu appears) in the reset button on startup. If you have priiloader it will go to that screen, if not it will go to the wii menu. You can remod your system with one of the guides on this site, there is a 4.2 link in my signature. I could be wrong about priiloader being what prevented you from updating. Either way whatever was stopping you from updating was doing you a favor. In the future, stop by this site before doing anything rash like formatting your wii.

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    No you are probably right about the priiloader part.
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    Thank you so much, vinatec and skellinator

    I'm still on 4.2U but i can access my wii shop now.

    And i did a re-mod on my system again, I clicked on the link on skellinator's signature. - by messie

    and now, i can played dvd-r games that i couldn't played before. Probably it's the updated version of the loader.

    I have few questions on the guide. Hope you can guide me through.

    oh, btw, yes, i did a check, i have priiloader installed :P geez i didn't even know i have it :P anyway, what is it for? :P i think i installed it following the provious guide.

    anyway, the questions on messie's guide.

    D5 - do i need to install ios202, 222, 223?

    D6 - a - is it refering to "pirated" vc games? if i have purchased some vc games, can i save it on the sd card and run from sd card? .. without installing the ios 202,222,223?
    D6 - b - i have priiloader in my wii already. do i still need to install the 3 ioses?

    btw, is there an updated version of priiloader? if yes, do i need to update mine?

    sorry for the idiot questions. Hope you guys can help clearing my doubt, thanks.

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    You don't need IOS202, 222, 223 to play VC/WiiWare games from an SD card.

    No, those IOS don't have anything to do with Priiloader. There is a "check for updates" option in priiloader.

    These IOS are only for:

    IOS202 (for MPlayer CE)
    IOS222 (usb loaders)
    IOS223 (for Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and microphone games)
    IOS224 (get the mic working in the Grease game)

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    oops... wrong questions.

    ios 202,222,203 should be under D5.
    do i need to install those for these functions ?

    -ios202, for usb - using ios38 (needed for USB2.0 support at Media Players)
    -ios222, for uloader - using ios38 (needed for USB support of instruments and stuff)
    -ios223 mainly for GH5 - using ios38 merged with 37 (same as above)

    About my earlier question, do i need to install patch ios70 to play vc games from sd card? does it refer to vc games bought from wii shop or those downloaded off the net?



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