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Thread: wad manager 1.7 error

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    wad manager 1.7 error

    Hi guys
    i got a tiny big!! problem with my wad manager here
    i copy it in Micro SD and then put it in Wii (by a SD Adapter ofcourse)
    after i run it it says choose your nand. but when i choose SD, it says : Error....ret = -1
    whats the problem?
    just to let you know, im using Rev 20 with base 56

    help me guys...Sonic 4 Episode 1 is waiting to be played by me!!!

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    Maybe a micro sd card doesn't work very well.
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    ummm...can you give me a solid answer?
    i afraid that i buy a SD card and that dosn't work either.

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    I think you're going to have a hard time getting anyone to give you a straight answer you with this site's anti-piracy rules and the admission of piracy in the first post.
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    error ret=-1 straightly means that the SD card is not readible/accessible !
    1. reformat FAT32
    2. avoid to use "cheap" sd card adaptor with microSD
    3. running wad manager at wrong ios
    4. copy-right issue


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