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Thread: Please Help..accidentally Update My wii system...

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    Please Help..accidentally Update My wii system...

    Just a moment a go, i try my wireless router and it succesfully conected.
    I try to download the internet channel through the channel shop then my wii showing wii system update...I'm shocked. I force to shut down my wireless router and restart my wii.
    Now my wii only show : SystemMenu / Homebrewchannel/Installed File etc...The bottom right showing preloader v.029. No more menu like always.

    Anyone can help or maybe show me the link to fix this please.Where do i start?

    Ps: wii is korean
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    You certainly didn't update your system menu as preloader is there.
    What happens when you click systemMenu?

    If it works normally, there should be an option in preloader to autoboot the systemmenu.

    Also check if the reset button isn't stuck in it's pressed position or something, as that's what causes preloader to show up.
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    Tq for response.. when i clicked the Systemmenu, it said : "Error autobooting systemmenu! Could not open boot file!..."
    Nothing happen then..

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    can you get into hbc?
    do you have bootmii as boot2?
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    No i can't get in to hbc. i follow the instruction in but when i load/install file, it said no sd found.. maybe because i'm using windows 7 and sd in fat32 format? I need to format the sd in windows xp into fat (only) and repeat the step again. Am I doing fine?


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