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Thread: NEWBIE, Bought a Wii yesterday >> What to do??

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    NEWBIE, Bought a Wii yesterday >> What to do??

    I just bought a Wii yesterday, and i want to hack/softmod it.
    But i don't really know how to do it...

    And when i go looking for a softmod, i don't realy find something for V4.3E so...

    Maybe this could be a good topic for "New Wii User's"??

    Thx, and cheers

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    We ask first-time posters in the rules to post a quick "hello" in the Introduction section of this site for this very reason --- to help steer them in the right direction. I would suggest you still do this, but to answer your question look here. Good luck, and welcome to the site.

    Edit: please re-register with an acceptable user name per my request via PM.
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