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Thread: help! my son system updated my hacked wii and now the usb loader won't work

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    help! my son system updated my hacked wii and now the usb loader won't work

    we recently bought the new trauma team, which requires a system update to play. instead of doing that, we just installed it on our usb loader GX and played it from there. well, my son (almost 5 yo) performed the update accidentally while i was in the kitchen... when i came out, he had started the usb loader and on the tv was a black screen with

    exception (DSI) occurred!
    [...ten lines of letters and numbers...]

    stack dump:
    [...three lines of letters and numbers...]

    code dump:
    [...three lines of letters and numbers...]

    reloading in 5 seconds


    Well, this supposed reload never happens, as the screen just freezes up when it comes up. I am able to restart the Wii and it seems to be functioning normally except for the USB Loader channel.

    How can I fix my usb loader channel?


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    Check your firmware version by going into settings in the top right corner you'll see something like 3.x or 4.x. Follow the guide that corresponds to your system menu 3.1-4.1 hacking, 4.2 full hacking guide, or 4.3 softmod guide.

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    Be sure to do the priiloader step! It will prevent this from ever happening again.

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